Tauco Weatherboard system is an PU insulated aluminium profile weatherboard, colour coated to be used over timber framing or light gauge steel framing as an exterior cladding system, for use in wind zones up to and including ‘extra -high’ as defined by NZS3604. It is designed to provide seamless weatherproofing and insulation enhancement of exterior wall of buildings.

Tauco Weatherboard system are CodeMark cetified to give you additional safe mind.

Tauco Weatherboard comes in colours made to order with PVDF coated or PVDF laminated film, with an aluminium exterior panel, PU foam interior, and an aluminium backing foil. For new building, the system consists of a minimum 10 – 20 mm XPS board glue fixed to the face of the exterior frame wall with tape applied to the XPS board joints, once completed this is then followed by Valron Vortec Building Wrap which is glue fixed directly to the XPS board on the exterior framed walls. Tauco Weatherboard can now be installed horizontally to the prepared external walls, starting with a starter strip screw fixed in place and aluminium fixtures screw fitted to the external and internal corners. Aluminium fixtures are used to complete the Tauco weatherboard system to the Window and soffit areas.

When installed together they provide a high degree of insulation and weather proofing to the exterior of the building.

For old building, we have a TAUCO overclad weatherboard system, coming soon.

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